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{<3} St Louis Chips

It started off with a little adventure to a few local places in St Louis with my parents. We checked out the Billy Goat Chip Company factory, which turned out to be a tiny bar turned into a tiny manufacturer at a corner. They receive, cut and fry potatoes then bag them into labeled brown paper bags and sell them to grocery stores and gas stations in St Louis. So my parents and I trekked over to the nearest supermarket and found bags of Billy Goat Potato Chips. One bag was $8!! They better be good or I’m going to break into that small manufacturer for more chips to make up my spent $8. We tried them and they were absolutely delicious.

{<3} Ted Drewes Ice Cream

Another day we ventured out to an amazing ice cream place merely 4 miles from my home. Ted Drewes is well known for their custard and for blowing diets. If you’re like me and addicted to chocolate, I recommend their Crater Copernicus with Reese’s Cup, which is Devil’s food cake topped with custard, hot fudge and whipped cream. I finished that whole bowl in minutes. So, you mean, I can just run 4 miles or perhaps ride my bike and get some ice cream? I’m royally screwed.

We also went to Grant’s Farm (adorable, especially if you have kids!), Fitz’s at The Loop (try the grape soda or their house rootbeer float!), Milo’s Tavern in The Hill (lots of beer and bocce bowling), & Imo’s Pizza (I recommend the all meat thin crust pizza and toasted ravioli). We also stumbled across a cemetery full of tombs with the same family name as ours. They also made their own trips (while I was slaving away at work) to Forest Park, the Gateway Arch, & Abraham Lincoln Historical Museum in Springfield. It was absolutely wonderful being with my parents and getting to explore my new hometown. My new local friends now consider me St Louisian because I’ve now officially seen all the big landmarks in this city.. except for ONE LAST THING. The city museum (10 story playground for adults with three bars!!). That is on my to-do list and will check it off the next time G comes down.